The tools below will help you find out who is not registered to vote and encourage them to do so. Click on the GET TOOLS button to download the individual voter lookup and voter registration tools to put on your church website. It’s quick and easy.

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church_iconChurch Voter Lookup Tool

This is the key to measuring your success in the Project 75 campaign. It works exactly like the individual voter lookup below, but instead of looking up individuals one at a time, we run your church database all at once. You’ll then receive a report that tells you what percentage of your congregation is registered to vote and what percentage actually voted in the last election! After each election, we provide you with a follow up report that shows the progress you’re making.

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voter_iconVoter Registration Tool

This tool provides an easy way to register to vote and make voter registration available to your congregation. Fill out the form, then print, sign, and mail in your registration. You can post the tool on your website then: email your congregation and remind them to register, make an announcement from the pulpit, put a notice in your bulletin, or have laptops available in your lobby with volunteers to help people register. If you’re not registered to vote, click here to register now.

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pledgePledge to Vote Tool

Research shows that people who pledge to vote are more likely to actually go to the polls and vote. A pledge makes people accountable, and accountability is a big factor in voting practices.  Use this simple tool to ask them to make a pledge that they will vote on Election Day. Post the “Pledge to Vote” button on your website and Facebook page, and send it in emails to your list. We can customize the button and track your responses.  Contact us for assistance.

Pledge to Vote Tool

indvidualvoter_iconIndividual Voter Lookup Tool

This tool accesses voter registration data from all 50 states and you information about the registration status of any person whose name and state are entered correctly. You can also use the tool to confirm your own registration. As many as 14% of people who think they are registered to vote actually are not. If you find someone who is not registered to vote, the tool will provide an email with a link to a voter registration form that you can send.

Voter Lookup