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imvotingShow the solidarity of Christian voters, and encourage more Christians to vote!  We’ve created a special “I’m Voting” badge to add to your Facebook and Twitter profile pics. Download these materials to get start promoting in your church now!


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Use the downloadable campaign materials to get the message to every ministry department, every Sunday School class, every small group within the church:

Use the materials below to motivate your congregation to vote on Election Day. Be sure to show a video at least once in October, and select posters and bulletin inserts to use in your church. Send out an email and make announcements. See suggested copy/talking points below:

    • The Bible instructs us to " capable men from all the people – men who fear God, trustworthy men who hate dishonest gain – and appoint them as officials..." (Exodus 18:21)
    • These are the kind of leaders we want, and they're the kind of leaders we would expect Christian voters to choose. So it stand to reason that the more Christians who vote, the better the outlook for [state] and for our nation.
    • But here's the problem: In 2012, 39 million Christians didn't vote!
    • There are 90 million Christians in our country who are eligible to vote. If we all go to the polls on Election Day and select trustworthy elected officials who fear God, we can turn the tide in America.
    • Research has shown that people who make a specific plan to get to the polls on Election Day are more likely to vote, so I challenge you to make a plan and carry it out.
    • If you need child care or transportation, we can help. (see Election Day Plan Kit)
    Research has shown that people who make a specific plan to get to the polls on Election Day are more likely to vote, so we want to help you facilitate this for your congregation. First, have everyone fill out a Voting Plan Handout to think through their personal plan and identify any needs, then make sign-up sheets available for people who need child care and/or transportation. Next, invite people to sign up as volunteers for child care and/or transportation, and work out a schedule for both.