All around the nation, there are churches that are intentional about impacting American culture, using the Bible as their standard of truth.

These are churches whose pastors teach that:

  • Our ethical and moral standards must be based on God’s word.
  • Christians must stand firm and take action to make God the central authority in American life.
  • The Judeo-Christian principles on which our country was founded must be upheld.
  • Life is sacred, and abortion is wrong.
  • Marriage is the union of one man and one woman, and same-sex marriage is wrong.
  • Prayer is powerful and necessary.
  • Christians must vote according to biblical values and encourage others to do so.

Churches Impacting Culture is a network of like-minded churches that teach a biblical worldview, engage the culture on moral issues, and encourage Christians to vote.

We believe that the nation will be better served if more Christians vote and reflect a biblical worldview in their voting choices. To that end, our goal is to increase Christian voter engagement in 2016 by providing churches with the latest research, tools, materials, and strategies for voter registration and voter turnout.